Music scoring of events of any level

Services of a professional string quartet

The word «holiday» is associated with pleasure, positive, high spirits, smiles and happy faces. And to each holiday event caused exactly these emotions, it is necessary to choose the right music background. Whatever the cause for celebration — wedding, anniversary, corporate party or children’s birthday, the best solution — to turn to the musicians — professionals in their field who can cheer any audience regardless of its age and status. Our staff are happy to take up music events of any level.dsc_8756_1

Do you have a wedding day or anniversary birthday, and you want to organize  bright, positive celebration, background of which  will be charming, exquisite classical compositions or stylish jazz melodies, please turn to us, string quartet Valencia promises to brighten up your holiday. Of course, our orchestra services can be used not only in the organization of large celebrations or official events but also planning a chamber party. Maybe you want to make official proposal to your girlfriend in romantic atmosphere, under the performance of sophisticated, touching songs performed by a string quartet. We are ready to help you! We will do our level best, so that your love  say “yes”  under delightful  melodies, which for certain will become a talisman of your happy future family.

 Music to fit every taste  

 Suits according to the event’s style

To make unique, original and special each event is our issue, which we successfully cope with. Repertoire of our quartet is various and wide, for that reason we guarantee  bright and colourful music background of any party. What is more we are ready to cheer the hero of the occasion by the performance of his favorite compositions, of course we need to know about such order in advance before the holding of the holiday.dsc_8715

If you want to invite an outstanding, bright, professional team  for background of your event, which have a fine appreciation of the audience,  form it’s high spirits and create the warmest atmosphere in the hall, talentedly performing music compositions of different  directions, styles  and genres, then  string quartet Valencia is always at your service.