Electric violin show «Valencia» with a spectacular show program for event of any level

Electroduet Valencia

Two young eccentric girls who masterfully play the electric violins at a high professional level will create a special atmosphere of your celebration or any other event.The electroviolin comes to life in the hands of soloists, rejoices and cries, dances and sings creating a positive mood for your guests!The repertoire of the artists have a large selection of spectacular musical shows, which consist of not only classical violin compositions but also the most famous music hits in modern arrangement  for all kinds of events, whether it be:

Electric violin show

  • official reception
  • registration of marriage
  • anniversary
  • a Wedding celebration
  • romantic dinner
  • business meeting
  • presentation
  • meeting guests

Fusion of modern sound with string instruments, stage show, gorgeous costumes, well-known melodies in violin performance, musical communication with the audience on the concert stage or at Banquet hall — all this makes an indelible impression on the guests as in Minsk and in Europe!

Electric violin show

To invite ElektroDuet «Valencia» to your event — this is an opportunity to inspire your guests an enchanting instrumental perfomances and to offer distinguished audience fashion violin music!

Electric violin show

To order the performance of ElektroDuet «Valencia» (show of violinists at the celebration, the wedding, the corporate or any other event) you can:

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