String Quartet «Valencia» — is a high level of professionalism, the style of your celebration, a highlight in the musical component of your celebration.

 String Quartet «Valencia» brings together young, talented musicians, who are graduates of the prestigious university of the country. We are winners of national and international competitions and have been trained not only in CIS, but also abroad. We play acoustic instruments, the sound of which is impossible to simulate and only our instruments can mimic human voice. Family celebrations, official receptions, romantic dating, weddings, exhibitions, marriage, any event, accompanied by a string quartet «Valencia» will be noticed by your guests.

The accumulated experience of performances, diverse repertoire, and extravagant, eye-catching women’s collective allows us to ensure that any event with our participation will be taken brilliantly.

Our business card is — virtuosity, artistry, and emotion.

 String Quartet «Valencia» — played by professionals only.


See you at your event!